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Early Bird Breakfast 8am – 12noon €5.00

Two bacon, two sausages, potato bread, egg & beans – add black and white pudding for €1 extra
“The most famous breakfast in the north-west”


Eggs €5.00

Boiled, fried, poached or scrambled


Mountain Top Special €6.75

Two bacon, two sausages, potato bread, egg & beans – add black and white pudding for €1 extra


Five Item Special €6.75

Choose any 5 items from: bacon, sausage, black pudding, white pudding, tomato, fried egg, beans, mushrooms, hash brown


Gluten-free Breakfast €8.45

Two sausages, two bacon, two eggs, beans, tomato, mushrooms, hash brown


The Full Irish €8.45

Two bacon, two sausages, mushrooms, egg, potato bread, beans, black & white pudding


Eggs Benedict €9.00

Two poached eggs on toasted sourdough with streaky bacon, spinach and buttery hollandaise sauce


Vegan Breakfast €9.45

Scrambled tofu, sausages, bacon, potato bread, beans, spinach, hash brown, tomatoes and mushrooms


The Truckers Breakfast €10.50

Two bacon, two sausages, mushroom, egg, potato bread, beans, black & white pudding, tomato & chips


The Monster Trucker €14.00

Two bacon, two sausages, two black & two white pudding, two eggs, two hash browns, mushrooms, tomato, beans, potato bread & chips


Add on for any extra items for €1


Homemade Porridge €4.50

Served with tea & coffee made with cream… of course it’s famous


Homemade Porridge, Fruit, Honey & Nuts €4.95

Served with tea & coffee made with cream… of course it’s famous


Breakfast Bap / Baguette €6.25

Two bacon, two sausages, black and white pudding & fried egg


Turkey Rashers & Egg Slimbo €6.00

Served with tea or coffee




Bacon Pancakes €6.95

Pancakes with bacon, maple syrup and cream


Egg N Pancakes €7.95

Maple pancakes with egg and crispy bacon


Fruity Pancakes €6.95

Pancakes with mixed fruits, coulis and cream


Kinder Pancakes €7.95

Pancake stack with melted Kinder, hot chocolate sauce and vanilla ice-cream


Our food is cooked fresh so when we are busy expect a short wait, we promise it’ll be worth it!




All burgers from the burger bar are served on an authentic brioche bun dressed with lettuce tomatoes homemade coleslaw and come with a side of chunky seasoned fries, beef burgers are all flame grilled 6OZ meats and chicken burgers are all 150G

The Hamburgini €9.50

Plain and simple – why complicate it?

Shelby GT500 €11.95

The mightiest mustang in the stable!
6OZ Beef, crispy bacon, sauté onions and cheddar melt

The Dodge Charger €10.95

This saloon is perfect for anyone in the family providing an unforgettable experience! 6OZ beef, grilled pineapple, sauté onions and Hawaiian dressing

Ford Freak-out €11.95

This is what happens when flavours explode! 6OZ beef, cheddar melt, BBQ sauce and battered onion rings

Ford Falcon €10.95

Grilled Cajun-spiced turkey burger, spinach, and egg and avocado dressing on a low-cal slimbo

Aston Martin DB5 €11.45

What lady doesn’t love a bit of James Bond? Grilled chicken breast, cheddar melt, tortilla chips and sweet chilli sauce

The V-Dub Veggie €10.95

Being cool just doesn’t mean looking cool! Crispy vegetable patty oozing with flavour and loaded with Cajun sauce – YUM!

Chevrolet Camaro €11.45

Old school American muscle power! The original southern fried crispy chicken breast


Ferrari Dino €13.45

The one for the family man! 6OZ beef, +150G chicken Breast, loaded with cheddar, onion rings and taco sauce

The Crusader €14.45

2x 6oz beef, with grilled cheese, onion rings, streaky bacon, tobacco onions and bourbon BBQ sauce

The Jag €16.00

For those who enjoy the finer things in life. Charcoal brioche bun, with 6oz beef, smoky BBQ pulled pork, melted cheddar and tobacco onions

The Lambo €18.95

This beast will really fill up the engine. Juicy 6oz beef burger sandwiched between 2 southern fried chicken fillets. Loaded with cheddar, onion rings and sweet chilli

Go on double up! Can you handle it?


Add on an extra crispy or grilled chicken breast or 6OZ meat to any burger €2.50


Add extra bacon, cheese, onions rings or change to sweet potato fries for 50c


Life’s Too Short To Eat Bad Burgers.


Ask your server for this week’s limited edition burger meal deal.



Cheesy Garlic Bread €3.95

Ciabatta bread smothered in garlic butter & grilled with mozzarella served with a sweet chilli sauce for dipping


Homemade Soup Of The Day €4.00

Served with a crusty roll


Frank’s Hot Sauce Wings €5.50


Mozzarella Dippers €5.50

Crispy on the outside and gooey cheese on the inside! Served with salsa sauce


Chilli Beef Nachos €6.95

Everyone’s favourite


Pulled Pork Nachos €9.00

Sweet BBQ pulled pork nachos loaded with melted cheese


Sharing Plate For 2 – €10.00 / For 4 – €16.00

Cheesy garlic bread, potato skins, hot wings and salt n’ chilli chicken


Our food is cooked fresh so when we are busy expect a short wait, we promise it’ll be worth it!




Chicken, Ham or Tuna Platter €9.95

Hot chicken & bacon salad €9.95

Mixed leaves drizzled in our creamy Caesar dressing with parmesan & finely diced salad topped with grilled chicken strips & smoked bacon. Add garlic potatoes for €1.50


Salmon Bowl €11.95

Mixed leaves drizzled in our honey and mustard dressing, with crumbed feta, cherry tomatoes, mixed bean salad and smoked salmon




Available until 3pm


Fresh Gourmet Sandwiches (1 Meat 2 Veg)

From €4.30€4.90 / Add on soup €2.50

Pan bread, wraps, paninis, granary bap or baguette

Fillings include:

Chicken, ham, smoked bacon, turkey, cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes, coleslaw, cucumber, red onion, peppers, sweetcorn, pineapple, egg, mayonnaise, butter, taco, sweet chilli and BBQ sauce


Additional veg 20c meat 50c


Because we pride ourselves in our fresh sandwiches, please allow 10-15 minutes, as these are made fresh to order.


Hot Chicken Goujon Wrap €6.95

Lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar & sweet chilli sauce


Kelly’s Signature Club Special €6.95

Toasted brioche bun filled with hot turkey slices, cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise, coleslaw and smoked bacon


Crispy Chicken Goujons €11.45

Tender breaded mini fillets, coleslaw, salad, trio of dips


Chicken Curry €10.50

Our famous chicken curry made with diced chicken breast & onions in a mild curry sauce with chips, boiled rice & naan bread. Ask for peas, onions or peppers if you like!


Chicken Stir Fry €10.50

One One of our most popular dishes made with chicken breast & stir fried vegetables in a ginger Szechuan sauce served with boiled rice


Carbonara Pasta €10.95

Chicken, bacon, mushrooms & onions cooked with penne pasta in a white wine cream sauce topped with garlic ciabatta bread


Chicken Enchilada €10.95

A hot tortilla of chicken sauté vegetables wrapped with salsa & melted cheddar with a side of chips


Peppered Chicken €11.95

Plain & simple, tender butterflied chicken breast with a mash smothered in a creamy mushroom and black pepper sauce topped with tobacco onions & served with chips




Plate of chips €3.50


Cheesy Curried chips €4.95


Sausages & Chips €6.50


Taco Chip €8.50

Chips, bolognese, taco sauce & cheddar


Cowboy Supper €7.50

3 sausages, chips & beans


Bacon, egg, sausage & chips €8.95


Bangers & Mash €8.95

3 sausages, mashed potatoes & onion gravy


Fish & Chips €11.95

Our famous battered fresh haddock served with chips, peas & lemon


Our food is cooked fresh so when we are busy expect a short wait, we promise it’ll be worth it!



Dedicated to the health conscious slimmers and fitness gurus


Fresh Fruit Bowl €3.50


Turkey Rashers & scrambled eggs €6.00

Served with wholemeal brown toast and tea/coffee


Chicken salad bowl €8.50

A selection of fresh salads, egg, quinoa, carrot and cold sliced chicken. Can also be made with ham or tuna


Grilled Cajun-Spiced chicken breast €8.95

Rice & broccoli


Chicken stir-fry €10.95

Marinated spiced chilli and Cajun chicken breast stir-fried with vegetables on boiled rice


Teriyaki beef Stir Fry €10.95

Lean steak strips and vegetables tossed in a low cal teriyaki sauce on soft boiled rice


New Smoothies €3.95

Kale Kick, Berry Go Round, Strawberry Split


Moroccan Chicken €10.95

Grilled lemon and garlic seasoned chicken breast served on stir-fried vegetables and boiled rice


Ford Falcon €9.95

Grilled Cajun-spiced turkey burger, spinach, egg and avocado dressing on a low cal slimbo


Our food is cooked fresh so when we are busy expect a short wait, we promise it’ll be worth it!


Available 12noon – 10PM

Succulent 8oz Steak for only €11.00

Booking is recommended as this is a busy one. Check out our full weekend steak madness selection


Upgrade to 10oz/12oz for €3.00/€5.00 extra

8OZ Sirloin Steak €16.00

Upgrade to 10OZ for only €3.00 Cooked to your liking

Steak Ciabatta €12.95

Lean steak strips on hot garlic ciabatta bread cooked in a creamy pepper sauce with onions & mushrooms served with chips


Mixed Grill €12.95

4OZ sirloin steak, bacon, sausages, mushrooms, peas, tomato, egg & chips

Surf And Turf €20.95

8OZ sirloin cooked to your liking with grilled prawn skewer, vine cherry tomatoes and mash and garlic potatoes

Steak & Chorizo Chicken Stack €19.90

8OZ sirloin cooked to your liking with a chargrilled fillet, chorizo cream sauce, tobacco onions and garlic potatoes

Our steaks are unbeatable, unbeatable in price, unbeatable in quality!

Our food is cooked fresh so when we are busy expect a short wait, we promise it’ll be worth it!

Vegetable Stir Fry €9.95

A selection of stir-fried vegetables in our faous ginger szechan sauce served with boiled rice


Bangers And Mash €9.45

Buttery mash, sausages and rich onion gravy


Jackfruit 5 Bean Toasted Burrito €10.95

5 bean salad, rice, BBQ jackfruit, cheddar served with sweet potato fries


Vurger €11.95

Meat free quarter pounder, melted cheddar, coleslaw, lettuce, tomato and served with chunky chips


Hot Dog €12.95

As it should be with mustard, ketchup, peppers and grilled cheddar, jalapenos and fried onion, served with skinny fries


Taco Chip €9.95

A trad favourite vegan style. Vegan mince loaded with melted cheese and taco sauce on top of taco chips


Fake Steak Ciabatta €13.95

Beef pieces with creamy pepper and onion sauce on garlic ciabatta served with garlic potatoes


Our food is cooked fresh so when we are busy expect a short wait, we promise it’ll be worth it!




Kids Basket of Fries €2.50

Hot Plain Pasta & Cheese €2.50

Baby Soup & Potato €2.50

Baby Potato & Gravy €2.50


40z Steak
Pasta bolognese
Chicken curry
Chicken burger
Battered haddock
Chicken fillet bites
Roast of the Day
Pork sausages
Chicken tenders
Tomato & mozzarella pizza


Above main meals with a choice of skinny fires/mash & gravy/rice/vegetables baked beans and include cordial, ice cream €5.95




Alabama Apple Pie €4.50

Deep filled warm apple pie & ice cream


Snickers Delight €4.50

Nutty chocolate and almond tart with vanilla ice cream


Malteser & Caramel Sundae €5.00

Layers of honeycomb ice cream and caramel sauce topped with fresh cream and Maltesers


Cheesecake Of The Day €4.50

Please ask the server for details


Chocolate Fudge Cake €4.50

Moist & light warm chocolate sponge cake loaded with chocolate ganache and ice cream


Assortment of Cookies & Tray bakes from €2.95


Kelly’s Kinder Classic Milkshake €5.00

You won’t be disappointed!


Homemade Choc Chip Cookie €5.50

Cooked to order (please allow 10 minutes) Topped with ice-cream and chocolate sauce


Waffle Sharing Bowl €14.00

A monster dessert! 3 sweet waffles loaded with vanilla, honeycomb and chocolate ice cream, fresh fruit, marshmallows, chocolate peices, maple syrup and hot chocolate sauce


Our food is cooked fresh so when we are busy expect a short wait, we promise it’ll be worth it!




Cola €1.90


Diet Cola €1.90


Coke Zero €1.90


Club Orange €1.90

7UP €1.90

7UP Free €1.90

Iron Bru €1.90

Lucozade €2.50

Water (Still / Sparkling) €1.80

Orange Juice €1.90

Cranberry Juice €1.90

Milk Pint €2.00

Milk Glass €1.50

Kids Juices €1.50

Cordial Glass 80c

Cordial Jug €1.80




Tea €1.85

Green/Herbal/Speciality Teas €2.50

Coffee €1.95

Americano Reg €2.60 Large €3.00

Espresso €2.20

Café Latte Reg €2.75 Large €3.25

Cappuccino Reg €2.75 Large €3.25

Decaf Coffee €2.00

Flavoured Latte €2.80


Hot Chocolate €2.50




Beers €4.50


Coors €4.50


Bulmers €4.50


Budweiser €4.50


Heineken €4.50


Kopperberg €5.50


WKD Blue €5.00


W.Coast Rose €5.00


W. Coast Original €5.00



Bringing truly unique flavours and personalities to Kelly’s
There’s even Gluten Free!


Kinnegar Scraggy Bay €5.00


Kinnegar Crossroads €5.00


Kinnegar Limeburner €5.00


Kinnegar Rust Bucket €5.00


Hophouse €5.00


West Indies Porter Guinness €5.00


Smithwicks Red Ale €5.00


Scotts Summer Medium Cider €5.00


Brew Brewery –IPA- (Gluten Free) €5.00


Brew Brewery –Larger- (Gluten Free) €5.00



Does Gin Make You Sin?


Gordons €4.20

Bombay Sapphire €4.20

Smirnoff Vodka €4.20

Captain Morgan’s Rum €4.20

Bacardi €4.20

Hennessey Brandy €4.20

Bushmills Whiskey €4.20




700ML Bottles Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Rose, Merlot.


House Wines €10


Glass of Wine €4.50




Ice Cream & Soda Floats
Any Soda and Vanilla Ice Cream €3.50


Choose from 1 of our 25 Flavours €2.95

Bananarama €5.00

Banana flavoured milkshake, with whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, fresh banana, toffee sauce and coconut


Mintymoo €5.00

Mint flavoured milkshake, with whipped cream, mint choc chip ice cream, mint Aero and chocolate sauce


Bubbly Boo €5.00

Bubblegum flavoured milkshake, with whipped cream, bubblegum ice cream, marshmallows and hundreds and thousands


I’m Nuts €5.00

Peanut butter milkshake, with whipped cream, vanilla ice cream and peanut butter, caramel sauce and Reece’s Pieces


Tutsi Frutsi €5.00

Tutti Frutti milkshake and strawberry ice cream, with fresh cream, gummies and a mixture of sauces